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ALGNE 6.2 thumb

ALGNE 6.2" LCD SAMSUNG Galaxy M10 2019 Ekraan SM-M105 M105F M105G/DS-Touch Ekraani Digitizer Assamblee +Teenuste pakett


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  • Kategooria: Mobiiltelefoni Osad

Algne Kvaliteet Samsung Galaxy A10 A105 A105F SM-A105F LCD Ekraan, Millel on Puutetundlik Digitizer Koos Raami

  • Ühilduva Brändi: Samsung
  • Touch Ekraani Tüüp: Mahtuvuslik Ekraanil
  • Brändi Nimi: Samsung
  • Punkt Seisukord: Uus
  • Ekraan: > 3"
  • Ekraani Resolutsioon: 1520X720
  • Tüüp: LCD & Touch Screen Digitizer
  • Mudeli Number: Galaxy M10 2019
  • LCD Komplekt: Jah
  • Materjal: IPS


Mypka 1993
I put three stars to the article description as the moisture detection stickers do not come and in the photo of the article if the gray gummies you see in the photo do not come So little and the waxing and volume flex came off but the item if it works correctly and no problem to attach the different parts like vibrator, speaker, motherboard, antennas and Other. Improved quality but serves its function.
A little finished with a file and everything rose like a native